Sending Footage

Please Email us Footage ASAP after rally so we can add it into our Edit

     Good site to send footage on to us

  1.  Select Free
  2.  I Agree (Select)
  3.  Add File
  4.  Enter your email and ours “”
  5. Add message
  6. Send
  7. You will then receive a email when its send and when we download it
  8. Done:)




Have you a video of a crash etc at a rally that we may have missed at a rally we were covering. You can send it into us here at On The Limit Sports by emailing us a small clip.

Message Title as follows:

Fan Video , Rally? , Fan Name?, Stage ??

Email to :




If you wish to send us on an onboard of a rally please do the following

1.Pick your best 2x 30sec clip for any stage at the rally

2. Send it ASAP after rallys as will have to be edited for TV , Convert, Etc (Max 2 day after rally)

3 Email your 2x clips to – Message Title as follows

Onboard , Rally? , Competer Name?, Stages?